We work with our clients in many different capacities – and regularly act as an extension of their businesses. We pride ourselves in becoming their go-to product creator, and handle everything from design, development, production, and quality management. Our goal is to take the product creation process off our client's hands, and give them back the time to drive the brand vision through marketing and sales.

The thought and planning behind the overall line is incredibly important to its success. We manage everything from a competitor analysis, research, planning, and merchandising to ensure all bases are covered.


For us, the aesthetics of a garment come from its function and performance first. We strive to fully understand both the root activity and user performance, and use this to build gear in the most effective way possible. We fully consider construction, fabric, and production efficiency to ensure our product vision will be executed to the highest standard.


We are on a never ending hunt for the world's best performance fabrics and trims. Our goal is always to give product users the highest level of performance, while also paying attention to trends and popular styles. Although we have countless options in our extensive in-house fabric library, we also travel globally to fabric mills and tradeshows to seek out new technologies in the world of performance fabrics.


Our development resources are some of the best in the industry and allow us to work quickly and efficiently through the design process. We manage everything down to the smallest detail to ensure quality, cost, lead times, and measurements are accurate. This ensures high quality production samples for both WERX and the client to review.


Once designs are complete and all the details are ironed out, it's time to find the optimal production partner for your product. Our global network of factories gives us the opportunity to choose an ideal partner that specializes in your specific category. We take factors such as cost, geography, capacity, production size, and logistics into play to ensure a fast turn around time, and consistently high quality output.


Once the samples are in, our team inspects every inch of the product to ensure production accuracy. We measure the samples against our specs, and test them in their intended environment. Design changes are made, as necessary, until the product is perfect on all fronts and meets client expectations.


Once production begins, we have team members onsite who inspect the first batch of completed products. This ensures that our client, the factory, and our team are all on the same page with what's being produced, and safeguards against any surprises down the road. This extra effort allows us to promise production accuracy and efficiency to our client.


It's the moment we've all been waiting for –production is complete, and the only step left is getting the product in your hands. We use a network of freight forwarders and import agents to ensure safe passage and entry into the country. Our team manages transport by air or sea, as well as customs and local transportation.

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