Design is the base of everything we do, it's our blood, it drives us to create and push forward.  We believe in the problem Solving approach to starting any project.  Why are we doing this, how will we make it better, and what problem are we solving.  From heritage premium fashion, to functional technical apparel & gear, there has to be a distinct point of view.

Tech Development / Fitting reviews

After the design phase, we work to ensure the garments will come in just as we all envisioned, by creating extremely detailed tech packs, technical illustrations, and points of measure to ensure the factory will understand exactly what we are asking for. 

Once the samples come in, this is when we see the vision come to life.  We receive the prototypes, go through them for construction & execution, fit them on live models to ensure they are cut and function exactly as desired, and  make detailed comments back to the factory to ensure all is clear on how to proceed with the next samples.

Forecasting / Line Plan Merchandising

The symphony of creating a collection or line plan that encompasses pieces that compliment each other from a stylistic perspective, or a system based layering kit, it can make your line look fantastic or redundant.  We work with brands to ensure we are covering all bases, while not over-complicating or over-competing with styles within the line. This will be a strategy to ensure all your target sales and merchandising goals are taken care of.

Material Sourcing & Development

One of our favorite parts of the product creation process is being inspired by fabrics that move us, or help us move.  From plush natural fabrics, heritage tailored, and technical performance 1/2/3-layer fabrics, we keep a wide variety of the newest fabrics in our extensive fabric library.  If we don't have something, then this is when the fun begins and we start creating new fabrics from the fibers up.  Nothing is impossible.

Factory sourcing & sample development

A massive part of the product creation process is having the ideal resources.  This includes everything from Fabrics & Materials, Trims, and the ideal manufacturing partner that can align with your construction standards, costing targets, and timelines.  WERX has been lucky enough to build an incredible network of reliable and ethical source base over the past 2 decades that ensure we can achieve the goals of brands that we work with.  From large scale factories, to smaller specialty workshops, we have the resources to get your products made.


Factory Base: USA, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Taiwan, El Salvador, Nepal, Italy, Portugal, Mexico.

Production Management

Once samples have been approved, then the machines are ready to star humming.  From here, we work diligently with the factory and material suppliers to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle are being made according to approved samples, and timing correctly to fit together like the puzzle we have been working on up to this point. 

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