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Process & Flow

    We work with our clients in many different capacities.  The most frequent for the past 5+ years has to become an extension of their business. WERX becomes their product creator and quality manager, handling everything from design, development and production, allowing the client to drive the brand vision through marketing and sales.


    When we start a project we typically use the following process.

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The thought behind the overall line plan, competitor analysis, and collection Point of View is highly important to the success of the line.  We can help with the research, planning, and merchandising to ensure all bases are covered.



For us, the aesthetics of the garment come from function & performance first.  We always go back to the root activity, user performance and how we can build the garment or gear in the most efficient and effective way. During design we fully consider construction, fabric, and production efficiency to ensure our product vision will be constructed to the highest standard.



The never ending hunt and creation for the worlds best performance fabrics and trims, to give the users the highest level of performance while creating a product that showcases the beauty and style of some gorgeous fabrics.

From our extensive in-house fabric library, we also travel globally to fabric shows and mills to always seek what's new and upcoming in the world of performance fabrics.

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Our development resources are some of the best in the industry.  Our product development software allows us to work efficiently and our development team dives into the smallest details to ensure we manage quality, cost, lead times and measurements. This gives the sample makers a complete tech pack which has all the needed information to deliver high quality samples for WERX and the client to review.

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Once the designs are complete, the ideal material is chosen, and the complete tech packs are built, it is time to place the production in the optimal factory for your project.  Our global network of factories gives us the opportunity to choose the ideal factory fit to make your specific product.  Many factors come into play such as geography, cost, capacity, production size, and logistics.



Once samples arrive, WERX measures them against the specs, fits them to see their performance, and tests them in their intended environment.  Design changes are made, as necessary, until they are 100% perfect and meet all client expectations.  At that point samples are approved for production.

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Once production begins we inspect the first pieces for compliance with all requirements.  This ensures there are no discrepancies between what was approved and what is received.  We want to ensure no surprises once you open the boxes and are ready to start shipping to your customers.  The last thing you want at this point is a discrepancy between what was approved and what you receive.



Production is complete, now it's time for the careful transportation from the factory doors to yours.  We have a network of frieght forwarders and import agents to ensure safe passage and entry into the country.  We can help manage transport by air or sea, as well as customs and local transportation.

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