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We invite you to explore some of the journeys we've taken with a select group of client projects.  Below are case studies where we share our path to take projects from kick-off to delivery. 


Iconic commercial fishing brand enters the fly fishing market

For decades Grundens has lead the way in the commercial fishing world of apparel and protection. When they wanted to enter into the fly fishing market they came to WERX to help design the best fishing wader possible


Hunting wear that turns you into the ghost of the wild. 

Founder Billy Busch wanted to tap into his roots that come from his long family legacy of wildlife and land conservation to create a hunting apparel brand that makes you a ghost in the wild.


Redefining workwear, starting with design.

Outdated fabrics, ill-fitting, non-breathable, uncomfortable are just a few of the descriptors of old-school workwear. Truewerk knew it didn't need to be this way, and we hastily agreed. Heads were combined and solutions began firing off. 


Designing the most versatile upland hunting vest. Ever.

Chief Upland's mission was to create the market's most versatile, durable, and comfortable upland hunting vest on the market. Additionally, materials and fit had to equally qualify for the long list of features that hunters needed. 


Developing the most versatile and durable outdoor pants on the market. 

LIVSN is predicated on quality that stems from one of their company cornerstornes, eliminate excess by producing apparel that eliminates the need for any. In other words, make apparel that is so good, you won't search or need anything better. 

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