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Category: Hunting



As an avid upland hunter himself, the Brand founder Jake was frustrated with the available options on the market and knew with his experience and insight teamed up with the right design team, we could produce something unique and groundbreaking.


The end result for Chief Gear was producing a hunting vest that checked all the boxes for comfort, durability, and ease of use. From here it was all about making the best-in-class vest while maintaining a price point that competed with most vest prices on the market.


First, a market analysis needed to be conducted. Our team dove into market research mode to see where the most popular brands were failing, as well as what consumers were looking for. This along with Jake’s extensive knowledge of the market gave us a strong foundation for the mission ahead. Our team honed in on modularity. This enables users to customize their vest as they see fit, and if they found that they desired a feature that they didn’t include in their initial purchase, the user could purchase the additional feature and seamlessly integrate it into their vest. In testing construction, we were able to utilize in-house laser cutting and sewing to quickly and effectively prototype solutions that minimized bulk and maximized modularity.

Construction methods that would allow the most flexible and user friendly carry solutions.  We eventually landed on using a similar modularity solution we’ve used in military gear, with creating a core vest system and a large selection of accessory carry pouches. From here, we made mock up samples and worked with one of our expert bag factories in Vietnam to complete the development of the vest system, into a commercially successful prototype that we would be able to get on to users to put through several rounds of testing until the product was perfected.
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