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Making Workwear Make Sense.

Outdated fabrics, ill-fitting, non-breathable, uncomfortable are just a few of the descriptors of old-school workwear. Truewerk knew it didn't need to be this way, and we hastily agreed. Heads were combined and solutions began firing off. 

The initial bid on the line was ambitiously big. Both teams were more than up to the challenge. Truewerk wanted a diverse line in order to serve different working environments and conditions. Finding the right fabrics, materials, and trims was crucial for this. These conditions took an efficient management in their product development and production cycles sectors, and an overall advancement of their design aesthetic. WERX came in and became an extension of the Truewerk company, and acted as their design, development and production management wing of their company handling all responsibilities with their product, even making some products in-house in the WERX Studio.​



Customer: Truewerk

Category: Workwear

Business Stage: Evolution Years 

WERX Role: Design, Develop, Produce


Consistent Design Language.

The initial challenge that we wanted to tackle was updating and make overall brand design aesthetic more uniform and functionally progressive to serve the trade industry. Furthering the challenge was passing off this consistency to the in-house design team that would eventually take ahold within Truewerk. 

Truewerk's inherent vision and drive was already great, it was just a bit scattered. Auditing the entire brand product offering helped us find out which styles were driving most of the success of the brand, and pulling out the products that were either outliers in design language or not big sellers but had potential to be.

On the right track.

Focusing on what the brand’s vision was and what the customers were gravitating towards, we were able to create a design aesthetic to follow to update the winners and revamp the slower styles to be more consistent throughout the entire range.

We also audited all the materials used to ensure quality could be increased while consistency and efficiency could be increased to raise the overall brand standards while increasing margins through optimizing usage. WERX collaborated with Truewerk to create multiple categories and lines, while utilizing several tiers of fabrics to make a system based product assortment.

Now they're off to the races. 

Truewerk skyrocketed in growth, which quickly reached a demand scale that made an in-house product development team a necessity. WERX worked with the Truewerk management to download and pass off the responsibilities to their new internal product team, giving them the ability to continue their growth and focus under one roof.  Truewerk’s growth has no signs of letting up. 

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