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LIVSN is predicated on quality that stems from one of their company cornerstornes, eliminate excess by producing apparel that eliminates the need for any. In other words, make apparel that is so good, you won't search or need anything better. 

Where it all began.

The collaboration between LIVSN Design and WERX started at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer show when Andrew, the founder of LIVSN, connected with WERX. We immediately had a strong synergy and shared a desire to create next-level outdoor products. We spent ample time together at the show looking at fabrics and trims, and shortly thereafter kicked off the LIVSN design process with WERX.

The initial goal of the collaboration between LIVSN and WERX was to design and develop the best outdoor pant on the market. The pant was intended to be versatile and usable across multiple environments and lifestyles, clean enough to wear around town, and durable and fitting well enough to be used for outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing. These same techniques and technologies were later used to develop other garments under LIVSN.



Customer: LIVSN Designs

Category: Outdoor Lifestyle

Business Stage: Start-up 

WERX Role: Design, Develop, Produce


Big roadblocks need effective solutions.

The team also needed to create a woven fabric that was environmentally friendly, had the desired movement and durability, and met the high standards for sustainability set by the LIVSN brand. This required developing a new fabric from the base yarn up, and then weaving it into the right fabrication that would have the hand feel and performance to keep up with the wearer's adventures.  

One of the major challenges facing LIVSN was how to compete against the industry giants in the outdoor apparel market. These companies had already built up a loyal customer base, which made it difficult for LIVSN to gain a foothold in the market as a start-up brand with products if it didn't offer a distinct differentiating point of view. 

Bringing the canvas together.

As sustainability predicated product development, it was an important value for the brand's standards, so the products created would need to have a unique sustainability source base. To achieve this goal, the team focused on what new yarn sources were being developed by recycling interesting materials found impacting the global environment, sustainable organic farming of cotton.

Then weaving this into materials that could be made into amazing fitting pants that would hold a long life which is the ultimate sustainability effort. The fit and function of these pants through perfect pocketing, features that help you out in different environments, and fabrics that can keep up with your adventure makes the first pant a real winner

The result was the Flex Canvas pant, a product that exceeded all of their expectations. The pant was made using a unique woven fabric that was both durable and comfortable, and it quickly gained a strong following among users. The pant was also successful in launching through three successful crowd funding campaigns, which allowed LIVSN to bring their product to market and reach a wider audience.

Maintaining a high bar.

Since the success of the Flex Canvas pant, the collaboration between LIVSN and WERX has continued to thrive and expand. They have introduced new fabrications, silhouettes, and a women's collection, ensuring that they are serving a wide range of body types and preferences. One of the standout products in their line is the Ecotrek Trail Pant, a lighter pant option that is perfect for warm weather adventures. This pant features stretch and breathability, making it comfortable and versatile for a variety of activities.

In addition to their expanding product line, LIVSN has also received accolades for their commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. The Flex Canvas pant, in particular, has received praise from Gear Junkie and Outside Magazine, with both publications highlighting its innovative design and high-quality materials. 

LIVSN continues to build as one of fastest growing outdoor brands on the market, bringing their unique design aesthetic and focus on sustainability to a wider audience. Overall, the partnership between LIVSN and WERX has been a blast. We can definitely say that LIVSN has created a respected and well-regarded outdoor apparel brand that is committed to sustainability and quality.

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