Since 2005, we have led efforts to improve the design of apparel and gear in the outdoor and active markets.


Product creation Philosophy

To us product design is about problem solving.  How can we improve upon the design and function of the fabric / construction / garment that will make it perform better then anything currently available in the market?  We start with the fiber the fabric is made with, how it should be woven or knit, to form ideally for the garment we are designing into.  Then we look at how garments have been made in the past, in other markets, and how we can design the garment in a way that will help it perform the best, and aesthetically superior, which we can create a collection that makes an ideal layering system to cater to all conditions ideally.

Our Process

Our process is highly comprehensive, and involves many unique methods and steps we would gladly share with you upon our initial consultation.  At the end of it all we need to ensure we align the clients needs with our resources, to achieve the ultimate goal of a solid relationship that produces world class goods at an advantage to the client to help them succeed in a crowded market.


    The whole reason we find ourselves where we are, is for the sole purpose of being different. Not wanting to sit through another clothing company appointment, at another trade show, looking at an identical garment we just saw ten minutes ago at another company, except this one has their brand tag on it. Looking beyond what is, and find what could be. Forgetting the way it has been done, and focusing on how we could change the perception.

    We are here for brands trying to make a big impact in their industry, or break into a new category.  WERX Design can offer you our design knowledge from technical garments, to fashion forward styling. The combination works as well in categories we love.

    We design by doing, and what we haven’t done, we talk to the people who are experts, and then go out and do ourselves.

    Create by living, design by doing.


    Anyone can draw a garment, for the most part, but understanding how the garment should be shaped, constructed, and patterned is something that we do from the design inception, and take it through the development process.  Our design and development team understand the importance of fabric construction and consumption to ensure the garment is made in the most efficient and optimal way, while not hindering the performance or fit of the garment. 

    As it relates to construction methods, we have many in-house tools that help us develop garments or features, and innovate new ways to progress the technical nature, or aesthetics of the garment.  Some of these tools include:

    • Laser cutter machine
    • Commercial Sewing Machine
    • pneumatic heat press welder
    • Wolf fitting forms
    • Patterning software and tools
    • Large digitizing boards
    • Color matching light box
    • Pantone color library


    A massive part of the product creation process is having the ideal resources.  This includes everything from Fabrics & Materials, Trims, and the ideal manufacturing partner that can align with your construction standards, costing targets, and timelines.  WERX has been lucky enough to build an incredible network of reliable and ethical source base over the past 2 decades that ensure we can achieve the goals of brands that we work with.  From large scale factories, to smaller specialty workshops, we have the resources to get your products made.

    Factory Base: USA, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Taiwan, El Salvador, Nepal, Italy, Mexico.